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Global Antifouling Workgroup

The International Paint and Printing Ink Council (IPPIC) Antifouling Working Group (AFWG) was formed to:

In 2007 the IPPIC AFWG obtained NGO status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), also referred to as the UN of the sea. Currently the AFWG sends delegations to several IMO committees which meet in London, England.

Membership of the IPPIC AFWG is open to all paint companies which manufacture antifoulings and related raw materials that are members of their national paint maker associations, which, either directly or via regional associations are members of IPPIC.

Public documents and information:
MEPC60/4/21 The importance of using effective anti-fouling coatings in relation to greenhouse gas emissions from shipping

MEPC60/13 The generation of biocide leaching rate estimates for anti-fouling coatings and their use in the development of proposals to amend annex 1 of the AFS Convention

IPPIC Marine Antifouling Coatings Task Force Position paper on Invasive Species and Biofouling (April 2009)

Function of Zinc Oxide in Antifouling Paint

Global Regulatory Status of Zinc Oxide

Data Protection and Confidentiality: An IPPIC Antifouling Working Group Position Paper

Efficacy Evaluation of Antifouling Products

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