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Lead Paint Alliance (LPA, formerly the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead in Paints)

The International Paint and Printing Ink Council, Inc. (IPPIC) is a formal contributor to the Lead Paint Alliance (LPA, formerly the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint), an organization established under the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  Since its inception in 2010, and with its reorganization in 2015, the LPA has been working to engage national governments, industry and non-governmental organizations in establishing restrictions on lead use in paints, in particular those that pose public health and environmental risks, especially to children.  The current action plan for the LPA seeks government action restricting lead use in paint, with special emphasis on residential and decorative paints.  IPPIC's contribution to the LPA has been to highlight the widespread existing restrictions on lead use in paints and to encourage the adoption of similar restrictions by governments that currently have none.

In 2009, IPPIC established the following policy statement which remains the positon of the organization:

“IPPIC supports the long-standing effectiveness of lead-use restrictions that are already in place in certain jurisdictions and recommends their widespread adoption by authorities not currently regulating the use of lead in paint and printing ink. Such restrictions may be accomplished through specific legislation or regulation, formal voluntary agreements, or by other means that ensure widespread and verifiable compliance.”

For more information on the LPA and efforts to seek restrictions on decorative paints see: http://www.unep.org/chemicalsandwaste/LeadandCadmium/LeadPaintAlliance/tabid/6176/Default.aspx

As the LPA continues its efforts to address lead use in other coatings, IPPIC will work to ensure that any proposed restrictions will align with existing established limits based on valid risk assessments, taking into account critical performance concerns of end users and the efficacy of available occupational health and environmental controls.  

International Week of Action on Prevention of Lead Poisoning

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